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Welcome to "Marrion"!

Much has been said and sung about Odessa. But at our place there is such a saying: To hear of Odessa and to see Her with Your own eyes are two great differences!

Hotel Marrion 777-2222

The person, who has once had a look at our city, will certainly long to come over here again and again. Walking down the streets of Odessa, You fall in love with Her once and forever.

You meet nowhere such, inherent only our city coloring, purely Odessa - language and manner to speak. But "Privoz" and "Duk" on which all visitors try to look from the second hatch, and Potemkinskaya stairway, and Opera and Ballet Theatre, and the heart of Odessa - Deribasovskaya Street.

"And should I be not in good order, if all above said - not simple truth!"

Dont You still believe? Than You are welcome to come and make sure! And, where will You live in Odessa? Of course, You get to realize yourselves only at our place, in hotel complex Marrion!

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